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cnet1995"God, I really wish I had spent more time at work!"  Who said that when lying on their deathbed - NO ONE?!  Here is another one for you.  "Find me the cheapest surgeon available."  Sounds demented does it not?  In my humble opinion, we hear folks voice statements akin to this every day.  Believe it or not.  Now on to the show.

PuppiesFor those of you responsible for looking after your company social media accounts, this thought may or may not have crossed your mind in the last couple weeks.  It did mine.  I follow (like) all our customers company Facebook pages to keep myself current on all the "goings on" at the company.  Last week one of our great customers asked me if I saw a recent post to her company page and I had not, so I "hot-footed" it over to my Facebook tab looking for the post.  I was nowhere to be found in my news feed.  My initial thought was just maybe something had run amuck in the world of Facebook, and I had somehow my like of this page had gone unnoticed or worse deleted.  I discovered after much diligent searching that neither was the case.  According to my account settings, not only did I still like the page I loved it.

Confused ManI admit it!  I tried to ignore everything social media for a long time.  I decided if I ignored it long enough it would likely go away - NOT SO.  Not only did the big two not disappear like a bad dream, they are more prevalent factors than ever in deciding what a company's online marketing strategy should be to make the most effective impact on their target audience.  Being from the Midwest, 18 to 24 months ago, I viewed a company online presence as a three-legged stool - Facebook, Twitter, as well as a drop-dead gorgeous website.  Now, depending on the business you are in, the stool begins to closely resemble a poly-legged monster.  With the advent of the up-and-coming social media sites, "How can you make an effective choice?"  Where does a small business spend its limited budget and time to get the biggest bang for its buck?  Also, to add another factor into your strategy decision process is answering the question, "How to I address smartphone and tablets?"  Here at C2C over the last 12 - 18 months we have seen the traffic take a dramatic shift to the mobile side of the formula.


For those of you too young to remember, back in the 1950's there was a cartoon on Saturday morning TV that let you dial up a date and then travel back to that time.  It was great fun, but in reality, it was just a thinly disguised way to encourage kids to become interested in history.  I must admit at least in my case, it did not work.  I had a huge dislike for history in school, and the "Way Back" machine did little to improve my opinion.  That said, I got over it; eventually.  Now out of the 453 cable channels I have available to view, I spend 99.8% of my viewing pleasure on the History Channel, Food Channel, and SyFi.  However, that is a whole other story we won't go into here.  My reason for writing this post is to describe how laughable it is to me when I see the current news that states a certain company is eliminating the ability for staff members to work from home.  Seriously!!!


sagitarrius-dwarf-galaxy-star-streamsSounds like the take on the latest lottery pot, right?  Nope; it is the number of active websites on the Internet as we close in on the end of 2012.  As I'm sure with many of you, the end of each year, and the anticipation of the next, causes me to reflect.  This morning I began to ponder the question, "Were there any common threads in our web development business this year, and if there were, what were they?"  And perhaps more important, "What learnings should we take away?"  The answer is there were!!!

baddecisionsC2C Consulting has not spent a penny on advertising since its inception.  All of our business comes through referrals, and we ARE proud of that fact.  The breakdown between website rebuilds, and new websites is heavily slanted to the rebuild side of the ledger.  Over the years we hear it all, as to the reason folks are coming to us to rebuild and manage their site.  Now, a bit of background information you need to keep in mind is, these are company sites.  I'm not referring to a site that an individual(s) develop and publish to communicate along the lines of some hobby they are passionate about, or a family site used to publish pictures and news from the various holidays.  These are commercial sites, on to the horror stories.  These are actual quotes from some of our clients, although I changed the names to protect the innocent.

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