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PuppiesFor those of you responsible for looking after your company social media accounts, this thought may or may not have crossed your mind in the last couple weeks.  It did mine.  I follow (like) all our customers company Facebook pages to keep myself current on all the "goings on" at the company.  Last week one of our great customers asked me if I saw a recent post to her company page and I had not, so I "hot-footed" it over to my Facebook tab looking for the post.  I was nowhere to be found in my news feed.  My initial thought was just maybe something had run amuck in the world of Facebook, and I had somehow my like of this page had gone unnoticed or worse deleted.  I discovered after much diligent searching that neither was the case.  According to my account settings, not only did I still like the page I loved it.

cnet1995"God, I really wish I had spent more time at work!"  Who said that when lying on their deathbed - NO ONE?!  Here is another one for you.  "Find me the cheapest surgeon available."  Sounds demented does it not?  In my humble opinion, we hear folks voice statements akin to this every day.  Believe it or not.  Now on to the show.


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